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What is Discord?
Discord is a free online communication tool like Skype or Teamspeak. Our discord server is an easy way to interact, communicate, and participate in the community and events. It is also the best way to contact our staff for any reason!

Downloading Discord
Head over to https://discordapp.com/download and click download for whichever operating system you use. The discord installer will automatically begin its download. When the download is complete, launch the installer and you will be prompted with an installation guide. Follow the steps it provides and you should be set! (You may need to restart your computer after your installation is complete!)

Joining the Karma Discord Server
Once you have the Discord Application installed, click this link http://discord.karma.direct/! You will automatically be sent to our Discord Server! As easy as that!

Linking your Accounts
After connecting to the Karma Network Discord Server you will need link your
minecraft account! You can follow our simple step by step tutorial listed below! In the unlikely event that you are not able to receive support on our Discord server or are unable to link your account, please make a thread on the forums!

  1. Log into our Minecraft Server using the IP Karma.Direct

  2. Join mcMMORPG Sword Art Online.

  3. Type the command /discord link

  4. Send the code to our Cardinal Bot on our Discord Server.