I felt like burning some money last night so I purchased 43 Adventure Crate keys. Check this out if u wanna know what I get from those keys. *Everyone has different luck so please do not take this seriously*

Here's what I've gotten:

(Exp & Col)
10,000 Col (X3)
5,000 Col (X5)
X2 Network Booster

Adventurer Pants (X2)

Blessed Blade of Void, lvl 2 (X3)
Gift of Eternal Suffering, lvl 9 (X2)
Meat Cleaver, lvl 7
Oblivion Saber, lvl 7 (X3)
Rusted Axe, lvl 4 (X5)
Last Laugh, lvl 8
Silver Edged Waraxe, lvl 6
Purgatorial Demise, lvl 5 (X2)

Iron Bar, quality 2

Pendant of Hope and Demise (X2)
Pendant of Hope
Pendant of Demise (x2)

Ring of Fate
Celestial Ring (X3)
Adventurers Ring (X2)
Blood Forged Ring

Hugues (Speed 1)

As you can see, I need to participates more church activities :)