What is your In-Game Name: butterontoast7
Include any previous IGNs your account has had: N/A
What type of punishment are you appealing: A Ban.
What is the reason for the punishment: I was caught with possessing a hacked client, and using it on the server.
Why should this punishment (ban/mute) be lifted: Being as it's been over a year since my ban, and the server was in beta at the time, I was hoping you guys could give me a second chance. What I did was clearly wrong, and I was only hacking out of boredom because of the lack of updates, and I was just trying to pass time.
How will this be prevented from happening again: I have uninstalled the hacked client I used last year, and I've taken measures in playing Minecraft in a more vanilla experience to help regain some of my interest in the game, as well as some of its difficulty.
Extra Information: N/A