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Thank you to everyone who joined during launch and supported us by taking advantage of the Launch Sale! It'll go on all weekend so make sure to get yourself something nice while it lasts! With over 100 users, our servers performed spectacularly, without so much as a single lag spike occurring. Karma Network has reached over 100 concurrent users on the Sword Art Online server making it the single greatest anime server launch. Ever.

We also bring great news regarding updates! The 2.1 update which will introduce Raid Dungeons and Guild Creation to the game will launch in 1-2 weeks! Progress on Floor 2 is steadily advancing and until it is released, SAO will be receiving several updates, rest assured!

Once again, thank you for joining the server during 2.0 launch! If you haven't already, make sure to join us @ Karma.Direct

Join us at launch day! Summer, August 10th, 2018! NA, Pacific to Eastern, we got you covered, with a 3:00 PM Launch time PST and 6:00 PM Launch time EST. mcMMORPG Sword Art Online going live! Link Start!

Discord Server

[Owner] Inorichi posted Jul 31, 18

Are you a part of our Discord server yet? If not, join now! Just click the picture above! Live updates & news posted directly on to the server and a great place to hang out & interact with the community! So what are you waiting for, wait, it's not working for you? Click here then! Still not working? Use code: kxDEFhc

Content Creators:
Create new builds, plugins, dungeons, quests, and more for players to enjoy! Are you good at making skins? Skilled at writing stories? A great builder or developer? If not, that's fine too! All support is welcome! No special skills needed, if you have a passion to help, we're willing to teach you, whether this is building, quest writing, or mob creation! Friendly, enthusiastic players wanted. Click here to apply now!

Staff Members:
Regulate chat, gameplay, and help the community out! Want to contribute without spoilers or content creation? Apply for a staff position, join a fun, dedicated team! Click here to apply now!

Get benefits such as guaranteed access on the launch, feature testing, and other cool perks!

We've been busy at work with the new website layout and design. Every single page on the website has been changed and supports the updated player counter and IP. The new design and banners associated with important pages give the website a distinguished modern look. Forum banners are now supported, make some cool banners! We'd love to hear your feedback on our new changes, make a new post here!

Here is a list of important pages that have custom banners associated with them, click to navigate to them!




Our amazing Discord community contributed to the changes on the website, and you can too! Join us now @ http://discord.karma.direct/

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