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Modifications Policy:
A large majority of the minecraft multiplayer community uses some form of modifications on their minecraft client, whether this be optifine, forge, or even a custom client. To ensure that the player experience on Karma Network remains entertaining, fair, and competitive, players are not allowed to use any client or modification that may give them an unfair advantage over any other player. There is a good chance that we may have missed a particular mod or client, in that case, feel free to contact a staff member for support on whether that particular mod is allowed or not!

Allowed Modifications:
・HUD Mods
・Minimap (without player tracking)
・Togglesprint / Togglesneak
・Damage Indicators
・Replay Mod
・Keystrokes Mod
・Sidebar Mod

Prohibited Modifications:
・Aimbot (Any sort)
・Minimap (with player tracking)
・X-Ray (including resource packs)
・Tracers or Player Trackers
・Kill Aura (including mob aura)
・Knockback Modifiers
・Speed / Fastwalk
・Fast Eat
・No Slowdown
・World Downloader

Using any prohibited modifications will result in a ban without warning. This list does not encompass every modification that may or may not be allowed. If you require assistance determining whether a modification is allowed or not, please contact a staff member before attempting to use it on Karma Network. If you are caught on a Hacked Client, you will be banned regardless of whether you were using any cheats.