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[2.1] Update

By [Owner] Inorichi - Posted Aug 13, 18

We'd like to give everyone some news regarding the upcoming 2.1 update, as many of you do not know what this entails.

Essentially, the 2.1 update will be the icing on the top of the cake for the 2.0 Update, finally allowing players to team up with their friends in Guilds. Here's a list of what's to come this Saturday, 6:00 PM EST.

  • Spider Queens Lair Raid Dungeon
  • Tomb of Averthis Raid Dungeon
  • Raid Conqueror Tier Equipment
  • Monster Balancing
  • PVE Gameplay Changes to Survival.
  • Ability Equipment available via Quests.

There are several more cool updates planned for everyone, however, we'd like to start it off with these gameplay changes that add a lot more content, as well as, major balancing.

Raid Dungeons will be very competitive, with the Raid Boss spawning once every 30 minutes, and the person to land the last hit, eternally marked in the Raid Dungeon with a personal hologram announcing they were the first to defeat this boss.

We're also hard at work fixing any bugs that players have noticed and improving the gameplay of 2.0. Major features that have been suggested several times over are finally under development by our developers and the builders and I are making steady progress with Floor 2.

Please vote for updates you'd like to see added to Floor 1 here!

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