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September News

By [Owner] Inorichi - Posted Aug 30, 18

As we move forward to the month of September, I'd like to disclose some important information regarding the upcoming 2.2 update. The 2.2 update will introduce and update several major components of the game such as skills, items, monsters, quests, economy, and map size. This upcoming update will include the second floor of the floating castle of stone and steel, introducing a wide variety of monsters, items, and quests.

The current progress on the aforementioned second floor sits at around 55% and skill balancing has been wrapped up. We'd like to take this opportunity to ask the community for suggestions on skills. You can read a more detailed overview of the upcoming Skill Changes here

Other changes to the game include:

  • All monsters levels 1-3 nerfed
  • Item drop rate changes.
  • Quest bug fixes.
  • Cardinal changes.

To conclude, I'd like to congratulate the top voters of August 2018!

  1. InvalidCode
  2. Blabbering
  3. Ray2525

You will be contacted within the next week with a selection of rewards to choose from. Thank you for voting for the server!

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