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October News

By [Owner] Inorichi - Posted Sep 29, 18

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the October News for Karma Network. As many of you know, we are currently whitelisted for the 2.2 Update, which will cover a brand new Parties System, Booster System, and of course, Floor 2. We're very excited to release the update to the public, however, we'd like to get everything before then. Making sure bugs are kept to a minimum and the end-user experience is the best possible.

As announced previously on the Discord Server, we are closing applications for review. Any new thread applying for the 2.2 Testing from this day onward will be deleted without warning! We will be accepting testers in bulk, meaning we will not reply to any thread giving news of acceptance until we have selected all the participants for 2.2. Please do not privately contact us asking about your applications!

The 2.2 Launch Date will be both announced on our Forums, here, and our Discord Server which you can join using http://discord.karma.direct/

I'd like to congratulate our top voters of September 2018, 
 1. Blabbering
 2. Dollies
 3. Mukui

You will be contacted after the launch of 2.2 with a selection of rewards to choose from. Thank you for voting for the server!

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