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Karma Network and its staff are here to provide you a server experience that's competitive, friendly, and entertaining. Our management and staff are reasonable, we can take a joke and we understand that players will get into arguments. We will make sure every punishment is fair and each player has warnings before actions are taken. If you feel like we aren't upholding our policy, you can always feel free to contact me privately, since I know the feeling of abusive staff and unfair punishments because of a joke or a cheater all too well.

Any modification to the game and it's related files that give a player an unfair advantage is not allowed. If you are under suspicion for cheating, we may ask you via Discord to
screenshare you. Using a modified client, cheats, or any unfair advantage will result in a ban. 

If a glitch or exploit is found please report it to a staff member immediately via Discord Or Forums. Evidence of abusing a glitch will lead to the punishments under the Unfair Advantage section and result in your ban. If you do not have a forums account or do not wish to use our website and/or forums, please notify a staff member on the server or discord as soon as possible. Spreading information regarding glitching will also lead to a punishment. Depending on the severity of the case you may be banned and/or have all your player data deleted and removed.

Any type of advertising or spamming in the will result in punishment. Advertising is annoying and nobody likes it. We encourage our players not to advertise our server on other servers and we expect the same treatment in return. Unintentional advertisement and/or spamming will result in a temporary mute unless it is associated with any other rule breaking, which may increase the severity of the punishment. Any malicious forms of advertisement or spamming may result in a permanent blacklist or ban at staff discretion.

Impersonating staff or youtubers causes confusion and problems for both the players and staff. Punishments will be based on the severity of the case and the issues that resulted in it.

Any type of racism, discriminating, derogatory, and/or sexual comments creates an unsafe and unclean environment for the server which we do not tolerate or condone. Jokes, threats, and/or insults that promote death, ddos, sexual abuse, and/or any other discomforting topics may fall under this category. Any punishment for this category will be at staff discretion.

Excessive use of caps in chat will lead to punishment based on severity.

Please do not disrespect other players or the staff. Excessive swearing, hate, and harassment may fall under this category. Players & staff deserve the same treatment and amount of respect. There shouldn't be discrimination or distinction based on association. Threatening behavior or actions are not tolerated or condoned on Karma Network. DDoS threats and/or death threats, encouraging suicide, suicide attempts, and/or death fall under this category. Punishments for this category may vary.

Any scams, attempts at scam, chargebacks, or actions that may result in the loss of real-world currency, virtual or physical, will lead to a permanent ban across the Karma Network. Donating / purchasing for other players for in-game items / currency / others is not recommended and is done at your own risk. Any agreement regarding purchasing for another player is your own responsibility. 

Any attempts to degrade the Karma Network and the experience we are trying to provide will not be tolerated. If you are here to depreciate the content, experience, or attack the server or community without intent to play, any punishment will be applicable.